First Post!

So I really really wanted my first post to be about my inventory and the growth of it within the past 7 months, but let’s face it, I will never get all that together, and I really wanted to start this blog off…

Today…I’m going to talk about some nail polish sightings of the past couple weeks (I’ve been wanting to start this blog…but still haven’t gotten my inventory together)…

Couple weeks ago, I spotted this Del Sol display at a Walgreens!  I’ve only seen these online, and I don’t own any, seeing these in person was really exciting!!  For those of you who aren’t aware of this brand, they make nail polish that changes color in the sun!  I don’t really know what the concept is behind it, but I’m thinking it is slightly different than mood nail polish (which change colors with the temperature of your fingers/toes/whatever surface they are on.  Nonetheless, these are pretty awesome!!   Did I get any?  Nope, because I’m cheap!…real cheap!!  I’ll wait for these to go on sale for (at least) buy 1 get 1 50% off…

So the ULTA by my work moved to another location and now has…

…A Nail Bar!!!  So now, instead of having to walk around the whole cosmetics section to look at different nail polish brands, I can just go to this section and see all (except for professional brands) the nail polish in one place…how awesome is that???

So since they just moved in, a lot of their nail polish stock (this is the professional stuff) wasn’t put on the shelves yet.  Seeing this, the OCD kicked in and I SOOOO wanted to volunteer and ask if I can help them out!!  They’re lucky I was only on my lunch break!!

Then today, I went to ULTA again to get some Sally Hansen buy 2 get 1 free nail polish and spotted this!!!  BUTTER LONDON!!  I’ve seen really pretty colors on other nail polish blogs and have been wanting this!!!  How awesome is that???  Again, did I get any???  Nope!!  Because I’m cheap…REAL cheap!!(They’re $14 a bottle!!!)  I’ll wait for it to go on sale, which probably won’t happen, so I’ll probably hafta try and catch it on clearance or something, which probably won’t happen either…*sigh*


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