Borghese Almondine

So I removed Frankenstein last night to reveal some green-stained nails and some splitting fingernails, so I decided to cut them down to nubbins…

I was going to have halloween-themed nails through Halloween, but then I was getting tired of all the ridiculous colors…:P

So, since my nails are extremely short, I didn’t wanna draw too much attention to them. I bought Almondine at Ross yesterday for $1.99 (score!!), so I wore it! I love it!! It’s nude, but yet subtly not. It’s got some (very subtle) fuchsia and black-ish blue shimmer to it.  The dark shimmer is pretty obvious in this picture, it looks like my nails are dusty…:P

Overall, this was a good polish, it went on smoothly, and dried quickly.  This was 3 coats.  🙂


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