About Chibita

I am an amateur nail polish addict.  I have many hobbies, other than painting my nails and collecting nail polish, I also cook, bake, sing, knit, cross-stitch, read, and play video games.

I am not a girly girl, in face, painting my nails is as girly as it gets, and I used to think that painting my nails a non-subtle color is “ridiculous.”  Now, I don’t really mind being ridiculous.  🙂

I have two other blogs:

  • My Foodie Blog: cafechibita.wordpress.com
    These posts are mostly about my food-making adventures.
  • My Random Blog: randomchibita.wordpress.com
    These posts are purely random.  I would post some manicure pictures sometimes, but now that I have this blog, it will just contain random daily happenings, interesting news, etc.

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